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Application Checklist

While exact documentation requirements will vary depending upon the individual characteristics of a mortgage loan request, this checklist outlines the items most commonly required in connection with a mortgage loan application.

Download Application Checklist (PDF)

Documents required for ALL mortgage applications:

Personal Identification

  • Full legal names & social security numbers for all borrowers applying for the mortgageants
  • Copy of resident alien card (front & back), if applicable

Income Information

  • Paystubs covering the most recent ONE month (i.e., two paystubs if you are paid every two weeks)
  • W-2 statements for the most recent TWO years
  • Statements or letters showing any other regular income received and used for qualifying (e.g. social security, pension) NOTE: Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not choose to have it considered.
  • IF YOU ARE SELF-EMPLOYED, we’ll need: Personal tax returns (all pages & schedules) for the most recent TWO yearsrs

Asset Information

  • Bank statements (all pages, even the blank ones) for the most recent TWO months for any accounts held outside of United Federal Credit Union
  • Most recent 401k, pension, and/or other investment account statements (all pages)

If you are PURCHASING a home, we’ll need…

  • Fully executed copy of the purchase agreement and all addendums
  • Copies (both sides) of any earnest money checks provided to the seller

If you are REFINANCING a home, we’ll need…

  • Statements for the mortgage and/or home equity loan(s) you wish to refinance
  • Proof of homeowners insurance for the property
  • Property tax information for the property

If you have 25% or more ownership in a business, we’ll need...

  • Business tax returns (all pages & schedules) for the most recent TWO years
  • Schedule K-1s from your personal tax return

If you own rental property in your name, we’ll need…

  • Annual property tax and homeowners insurance amounts for each rental property

If you are divorced or legally separated, we MAY need…

  • Copy (all pages) of the final divorce decree or separation agreement
  • NOTE: If your divorce or separation is not yet finalized, please contact us for additional information we may need.

This checklist should make the mortgage process easier, but if you find it’s making life harder, just give us a call or stop by!




APR = Annual Percentage Rate

ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which means the rate and payment may increase after consummation

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