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Application Checklist

While exact documentation requirements will vary depending upon the individual characteristics of a mortgage loan request, this checklist outlines the items most commonly required in connection with a mortgage loan application.

 Download Application Checklist (PDF)

Documents required for ALL mortgage applications:

Personal Identification

  • - Full legal names & social security numbers for all applicants
  • - Copy of resident alien card (if applicable)

Income Information

  • - Paystubs covering the most recent one month period
  • - W-2 statements for the most recent two years
  • - Statements or letters showing any other regular income received and used for qualifying
  • - If you are self-employed:  Personal tax returns for the most recent two years

Asset Information

  • - Bank statements for the most recent two months for any accounts held outside of UFCU
  • - Most recent 401k, pension, and/or other investment account statements

If you are PURCHASING a home, we will need:

  • - Fully executed copy of the purchase agreement and all addenda
  • - Copies of any earnest money checks provided to the seller

If you are REFINANCING a home, we will need:

  • - Statements for the mortgage and/or home equity loans(s) you wish to refinance
  • - Proof of homeowners insurance for the subject property
  • - Property tax information for the subject property

If you have 25% or more ownership in a business, we will need:

  • - Business tax returns for the most recent two years
  • - Schedule K-1s from your personal tax returns

If you own rental property in your name, we will need:

  • - Annual property tax and homeowners insurance amounts for each rental property

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the documentation requirements for a mortgage loan application.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you!




APR = Annual Percentage Rate

ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which means the rate and payment may increase after consummation

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